Our Team of highly experienced Real Estate Professionals

Bruce Robertson


Bruce is a Real Estate Broker and Certified General Appraisor and has been with the firm over 30 years. He is based in Tekamah and covers all of Northeast Nebraska. 

Contact Bruce at 402-374-2545

Dale Nelson


Dale is a Real Estate Broker with over 50 years of experience based in Pender, Nebraska. 

Contact Dale at 402-922-0244

Jan Schuetze


Sales Agent and Auctioneer based in the West Point, NE. area. Jan has been with the firm over 30 years and covers all of the Northeast Nebraska area. 

Contact Jan at 402-380-0563

Nancy Mackling


Nancy is a Real Estate Agent based in Emerson, NE. covering a Tri-County area. Nancy has been active in the firm for many years. 

Contact Nancy at 712-560-2119

Clay Nelson


Real Estate Sales Agent based in Pender, NE. 

Contact Clay at 402-922-2678

About Us

Our History & Experience

Glen Robertson and Carl Volk joined forces in 1934 to start an auction business. After a few years, Ervin Smith joined the organization, followed by R.K. Robertson and Dale Nelson. In 1990, Jan Schuetze was added to the group.

In 2006, we lost Erv Smith, an icon in the industry. In 2011, we lost R.K. Robertson, the man behind the scenes and deal closer. R.K.’s position was filled by his son, Bruce Robertson, who handles all the appraisal work.

What We Do Best

Robertson, Nelson and Schuetze provide a wide range of services, including auctions of farm machinery, household goods, farmland and homes. 

Private real estate listings and a full range of appraisal services are available.

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Are You Ready?

Join the many satisfied customers, and let the professionals at Robertson, Nelson and Schuetze conduct your next auction and take advantage of their professionalism, experience and product knowledge.

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